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Interview Opportunities

○ Access Unadvertised top jobs

○ Learn how to get ahead of the pack

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Fast Track Sales Careers

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Achieve Interviews

If you market yourself the same way as all the other average graduates from over 100 UK universities, you will get average results. We advocate a different approach that gets you an interview whilst others are waiting to hear.

Achieve Offers

An interview is a sales presentation. Therefore you have to perform better than other graduates following other careers. We teach you winning techniques to make sure you get the offers you want.

Achieve High Income

The beauty about graduate sales careers is you do not have to wait to climb the ladder and get to a high earning position. We teach you how to top £50K per annum after your first year.

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Helping High Performers Achieve High Income

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing. – Abraham Lincoln.

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About Success Moves Graduates

Success Moves Graduates is part of the Success Moves Consultancy. This site is to provide graduate candidates seeking new positions through us a competitive edge.

Below are the other Success Moves Consultancy operations:

Success Moves Candidates: For general interview tips and specific information about interviews through us.

Success Moves Training: Resource for clients and sales professionals to develop their sale skills includes our certificated programmes.

Success Moves Consultancy: Main client site for companies using our services.

Success Moves Spain: Focuses on project managing overseas sales offices.

Success Moves Executives: Guide for Senior Sales Executives seeking high income.

The Success Moves Consultancy: YouTube Channel.

If you need advice on any aspect of your sales career please in the first instance email or call on 0203-675-9099.

  • Set clear focused goals

    All success starts with a focused goal. Know exactly what you want to achieve and you will find it comes a lot easier. We show you how.

  • Design a "WoW" CV.

    Your CV must really stand out in a way that impels employers to see you. 99% of graduates have at least one of the ten fatal errors on their CV. We make sure you are in the 1%.

  • Approach Target Employers

    Before you approach your ideal employer, you have to identify them. We show you how to do that and them make the approach that gets you through.

  • Win At Interview

    Sales recruiters expect interviewees to close on htm. Otherwise they just are not suggesting they are right for sales. We show you how.