What is Talent and Potential?

"A great start. To be productive and rewarding it needs to be harnessed with the best quality skills and then placed in an appropriate job opportunity. We have identified Poland as offering some of the highest sought after qualifications in the world. The final step to success is finding the opportunity to release your talent, potential and now practical skill."

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Aspiring Graduates

Are you ambitious and determined to learn, qualify and secure a prosperous rewarding career?  Poland is offering highest quality courses at lowest prices and lowest cost of living, presenting a real opportunity for those wanting to build great careers.

Companies Recruiting

If you want access to fresh qualified talent recently graduated from a Polish University then contact us to get access to our talent pool now. You can also sponsor students and tie them into your company early on and have access to them during holiday periods.

Why Poland?

For historical reasons Poland has made a priority on developing their universities to now be recognised as leading in quality and academic excellence, in the world. Poland has has some of the lowest living costs with highest quality of life standards within the EU block making it ideal for students.

Who are Success Moves Graduates?

We are an established and innovative European recruitment group with separate businesses in Technology, especially Fintech, Finance and Accountancy, Sales and Marketing.   Founded originally by two graduates qualified in teaching, we strongly believe as a core value in developing people to all that they can become.

Why Choose Poland?

A European degree, which gives you access to other European universities through the Erasmus programme.  Tuition fees are less than one quarter of the price of comparable universities in the UK, USA or Australia.  Living costs can be budgeted at Euros 3000 for a year including accommodation (which we will source for you ) and food.

Why Choose Success Moves Graduates?

Success Moves Graduates has connections with all the major Polish Universities.  We can also help you with your visa application, other documentation, accommodation and settling in. We will even help you find employment during and after study.

About Success Moves Graduates

Success Moves Graduates (SMG) is part of the Success Moves Group

Our objective is to help people develop their careers through education.

The Success Moves Group (www.successmoves.co.uk) was formed in 2008 as a Human Resources Consultancy offering education, training and recruitment services.  We are focused on innovative solutions. Skills shortages amongst our clients led us to developing talent and potential at source as a solution. This is why we formed Success Moves Graduates.

Success Moves Tech 

Technology and Fintech jobs

Success Moves Finance 

Accountancy and Finance jobs

Success Moves Sales 

Sales and Marketing jobs

For more information, please email, admin@successmoves.co.uk or call us, 01403-256465

  • Apply To Us

    The first think you must do is decide to move forward and apply to us. We will help you all the way advise on which course, costings, visas, accommodation etc.

  • Move To Poland

    Moving country is a big and exciting adventure.  It will mark a major step forward in progressing your life and destiny.

  • Study Hard and Qualify

    Social, cultural and living standards in Poland are high and you must remember whilst enjoying your time, that you are here for a purpose. To get Qualified.

  • Employment

    Rewards are now going to start flowing as you gain employment and progress in your career, increasing your salary and seniority.